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Play Group To Nursery


Play Group To Nursery

Ø  Benefits: At the playgroup stage, children are mostly introduced for the first time to a structured learning environment outside of their homes. The goal of this phase is to provide young children with a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment where they can begin their journey towards education and socialization.


Ø  Activities in play group usually revolve around games, songs, stories, and creative play, with the   occasional introduction to basic concepts such as counting and identifying colors. Children are   encouraged to engage in outdoor activities and actively participate in games that promote physical   development.


Ø  Moving up to the nursery classes:- children are introduced to a more structured learning environment   where they are taught basic language, math, science, and social studies concepts. The focus on creative   play continues, but it becomes more organized, with teachers encouraging children to use their   creativity and imagination to come up with solutions to problems and explore the world around them.


Ø  In the nursery classes:- Children take part in more structured activities such as circle time, sing-alongs,   story-time, and show-and-tell. These sessions are designed to build social, emotional, and cognitive   skills in children. Teachers use different tools and methods such as games, puzzles, and blocks to teach   basic math concepts to the children. 


Ø  Overall :- Playgroup and nursery classes are crucial stages in a child's development, and it’s essential to   ensure that they are provided with an environment and learning resources that nurture their curiosity   and support their overall development goals.