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Vinod Sharma


Speciality Mathematics
Qualification Post graduation
Available For Home Tution, Online Tuition, 
Accepted Salary Above 5000/ tuition

Vinod Sharma

Hindi English Mathematics Science Physics

I'm Vinod Sharma, My work is to teach the students not only books but also about the lifestyle. I hope whatever you will want from me for your child, I'm sure that you will find. I will trained your child, full of confidence, mentally strong, Socially etc, that's your child can perform well every whare. Money doesn't matter for me , Matter is that what I can do for your child. Once you will meet me, you will forget other. Thanks for giving me a chance to create a good qualities in your Child's. ???????????????? Thank You


Location: Indira nagar,Munshi pulia,chinhat,Matiyari,Kursi road,Takrohi
Class: 6th - 8th,9th - 10th,11th - 12th,Collage Level,English Speaking
Experience: 1 to 5year



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